In-Class Workshops

Are you looking to take your class to the next level? Register for one of our exciting in-class workshops today! We offer a wide range of different courses designed to fit your lesson perfectly! Whether you're an English teacher looking to bring one of Shakespeare's fight scenes to life for your class or a theatre instructor looking to energize your students with a biomechanics class, we have the workshop for you!


This class is designed to give your students the fundamental building blocks for creating a character using the text and their imagination. In teaching the essential elements of acting, a diverse set of performance games are played as they move into performing scene work.



One of our most popular classes, this course teaches the students the fundamental principles behind improvisation. Designed to provide the students with a solid foundation in standard "improv" games, the curriculum focuses heavily on imagination, creativity and "impulse dialogue".



In this class, students are given a concrete technique for approaching classical theatre - specifically Shakespeare. Students are taught how to identify the defining characteristics of the period and use them in creating a character while working with the classical text.



Beginning with unarmed "hand-to-hand" combat, this class gives the student a safe and reliable set of combat techniques for use on stage and in front of the camera. As the class progresses, more advanced concepts are introduced involving rapier, katana and broadsword.



Specifically designed to help the students improve their physical coordination and spatial awareness, this class utilizes a select combination of yoga and beginning gymnastics. Advanced movement work consists of partner balances, basic tumbling and physical characterization.



With this class, students are taught the basic elements of Elizabethan dance. Using upbeat music selections from Shakespeare's time, the students begin with elementary steps that quickly grow into complex routines and patterns culminating in a completed dance.