Summer Acting Camp
I wanted to thank you, the organizers, and all the teachers at Summer Acting Camp. My daughter is absolutely loving it! This has been her favorite camp this year, and she wants to do it again next year!

Carlos Salinas
Summer Arts Conservatory
My daughter had, without a doubt, the best educational experience she has ever had -- she could not have enjoyed the work she did with you this summer any more (trust me, a week later, it's all she and her sister talk about)!

Daryl Barbieri
If your goal is to generate excitement in students for Shakespeare - you are a success! Our students can’t stop talking about 'their favorite scenes.' We had parents call to tell us about the enthusiasm their children had when they returned home. See you next year!

Cheri Thompson
In-Class Workshops
Our kids enjoyed the swordplay and performances very much. The students scenes were so much better with your coaching. They also loved working with your teachers in small groups. We will definitely have you back next year!

Nechelle Wong-Littman
Reniassance Faire
I must tell you that the reviews - from parents, staff and students - have been stellar. Your team did a great job on Friday. They were engaging and entertaining, informative and flexible and things seemed to go very well. Please accept my deep gratitude for making the new and improved Renaissance Day a great success at Jordan Middle School!

Suzanne Weertz
The performance you put on us for us was absolutely amazing. If I were to give the show a grade, I would give it an A+++++ because of how fantastic it was!

Michelle Lester
Summer Arts Conservatory
Just wanted to let you know that Summer Arts Conservatory was a fantastic program. The quality of the education was first class. Thank you!

Maral Donoyan
This was the best field trip that I have ever been to. My favorite scene was from Romeo and Juliet because it was so romantic! I was just blown away by the love scenes and the fights!

Stephanie Arreola
Summer Acting Camp
I personally want to express my appreciation to you and your team for putting together such an amazing show tonight. It was well put together, very organized, and extremely entertaining. Thank you for all your support in teaching these kids what they know today. It's incredible and I know it took a lot of dedication from your team! Thank you! My daughter enjoyed being a part of your Summer Acting Camp. We can't wait for next year!!!! Great job!!

Marisa Pena Gamboa
Summer Arts Conservatory
My daughter had an awesome second year at camp and I want to thank you for all your hard work and constant smiles. You all have the patience of saints! We especially loved the final performances this year!

Kristin Maldonado
Thank you so much for the wonderful performance. It was dramatic, humorous and romantic. I think that play was the best play I've ever seen. You are a talented group of actors and actresses and I just wanted to say thank you again for such a fantastic performance!

Jestine Tovar
Summer Acting Camp
Wanted to tell you that my boys are thrilled with camp! They are energized and inspired when they come home - thinking up ways to disappear a coin and singing "secret" songs that we're not supposed to know about yet. THANK YOU!! I can see their minds moving in crazy new directions, their confidence growing and their imagination flowing... all in 4 days!! Thanks again for all that you do!!

Anna Hays