Summer Arts Conservatory

At the Summer Arts Conservatory, we are proud to offer the most exciting and comprehensive arts training program for youth available! Recently ranked by Camp Easy as one of the Top Ten Day Camps in LA, our program is structured after the arts curriculum utilized at LACHSA and features five different departments: theatre, cinematic arts, music, dance and visual arts. Every morning, students will take five different classes in each of the departments while in the afternoons, the students will take focused intensives in a single department!

Each afternoon, students will have the opportunity to take three different focused classes in their chosen arts department! Unlike other performance programs which usually present a single production, the Summer Arts Conservatory utilizes a unique format for the final performance which allows ALL of the students to participate equally. Essentially a showcase, each student will have an opportunity to demonstrate a performance piece from their chosen department. Additionally, a student gallery is displayed in the lobby to allow students an opportunity to exhibit their work!